Shopping Rondo

Another story today about Danny Ainge shopping Rajan Rondo like the Greeks shop bonds. His main target has been Chris Paul, but Ainge went after Russell Westbrook over the summer as well.

The Celtics can barely field a team right now. They have three aging stars (Pierce, Allen, Garnett). I can see why Ainge wants to make a trade, and I agree that Paul would be an upgrade. But why would New Orleans make this deal? Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Knicks, Magic, etc. have all been linked to Paul trade rumors. They can afford to be patient and selective. Rondo is a guy that doesn’t get along that well with his teammates, can’t shoot, and has been in an ideal situation for the past few years. I doubt he could take New Orleans where they want to go. Seems like they understand that too.

You ask, what’s the harm in trying? Well, this is the same Ainge that traded away one of the Celtics’ best locker room guys (Kendrick Perkins) in the middle of a stretch run last year. Now he’s probably lost Rondo’s trust, and the other players must be wondering what’s going on. All this for a long shot at one year of Chris Paul (who says he doesn’t want to go to Boston) . . . come on. Let’s say the C’s got Paul, then maybe Garnett gets hurt, they bow out of a very competitive Eastern Conference playoffs, and Paul doesn’t resign. Oops.

Ainge did a great job assembling the Celtics big three, but even that was viewed as a two or three year window for a championship. He’s like a drug addict strung out on big trades right now, and it’s all catching up to him. It’s time to start thinking more realistically and more long term.

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