The All 22 petition

For whatever reason, sportswriters and commentators this year keep mentioning the “all 22” camera angles that the NFL keeps private. These angles (from the endzone and the 50 yard line), show the entire field, so you can see what everyone does. My buddy Tony sent me a great description of the all 22’s advantages by former NFL player Nate Jackson. Basically, on special teams and pass plays, you learn next to nothing useful from standard TV angles.

So what’s the big fuss? Well, the NFL has decided that we don’t get to see the all 22. That would be too much information. It would be too easy for us to criticize players. Jackson thinks this is because the all 22 shows really violent blocking on kick returns. I just want to figure out if Matt Stafford can take my Lions to the playoffs. If you want to see the all 22 like me, please comment!


6 responses to “The All 22 petition

  1. This would be top 3 in NFL video innovations along with the RedZone channel and the yellow 1st down line.

  2. I’d love all 22, but even a slightly wider angle on the standard shot, ie. one that doesn’t show ten yards of empty backfield, would be appreciated.

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  4. Great post, I desperately want the all 22 camera. I think casual fans, myself included, have a much worse understanding of football than basketball or baseball, in large part due to the camera-angle issue. Coverage schemes, blitzes, and route-running are key to what’s happening in a game, and if you’re watching the QB or RB on every play you can’t learn anything about this stuff.

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