Tonight’s MVP — Andy Lee

Who is Andy Lee, you ask? Well, he’s the San Francisco 49ers punter, and I will prematurely dub him MVP of tonight’s win over the Steelers. While the game was still in doubt, Lee punted three times from midfield and pinned the Steelers inside the 10 all three times. On his only other relevant punt, he uncorked a 62 yarder from the San Francisco 12 that was only returned 7 yards.

The announcers gave him his due after his third precision effort. They also noted that San Francisco is happy to let you chip away and make mistakes when you have a long field to work with. Indeed, Pittsburgh ripped off a couple of 20+ yard plays from deep in their own end, but failed to reach the end zone all game. The Niners strategy worked great in tandem with Lee’s punting. His superb game bailed out the Niner’s boring offense, which “exploded” for 20 points. The Niners were the worst red zone team in the NFL coming into the game. Andy Lee is averaging over 50 yards a punt and deserves a lot of credit for their record.

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