It’s a bowl game vacation!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my alternative to the college bowl system: the College Football Premier League. The majority of the bowls get no attention, and the CFPL would give the top schools a way to keep all the revenue and make fans happy.

However as I sit in Los Angeles watching the Rose Parade, I’m reminded why these top schools will probably not go for my CFPL. Wisconsin and Oregon could be in the CFPL playoffs right now, probably traveling to schools ahead of them in the standings for an exciting elimination game. Instead, their fans are vacationing in sunny southern California preparing for a meaningless game tonight. Here are a few pictures I took around Santa Monica with my wife’s fancy camera:

Yes, that’s Bucky the Badger all blown up for a pep rally on the beach, right next to the famous Santa Monica pier. Especially for a school like Wisconsin, trips to Pasadena and similar locations forge a bond with fans that the CFPL would not be able to match. These trips surely generate donations and keep the undergraduate applications pouring in. Still, I hold out hope that the general fan will win out over the “school fan,” and Wisconsinites will be vacationing in Manhattan, KS, or Norman, OK, someday.

(If you’d like to see pictures taken by someone who knows how to use that camera, check out my wife Julie’s blog¬†and website.)

One response to “It’s a bowl game vacation!

  1. The CFPL should end with the “Abraham Lincoln Bowl,” played at Soldier Field or Lambeau.

    Why? It’s perfect imagery: Not only did Lincoln re-unite the country and eliminate an enormous systemic injustice (far worse than the BCS, obviously), but he generally made southerners do stuff they didn’t want to do…in this case: play late-season games up North. Let’s see how the SEC likes playing in Green Bay in January.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know…lazy Big Ten bias heavily operative here.)

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