Rose Bowl finish: doh!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rose Bowl. Oregon ran a bunch of great scheme plays and showed incredible speed, both individually and in play calling. I’m waiting for the team that only has two or three plays and goes even faster. Defenses will be so lost and tired. Wisconsin showed off their excellent offensive line and had some great calls of their own plus strong quarterback play from Russell Wilson. It was Big Ten football at its finest.

However, the end of the game raised my ire. Oregon was up 7 and recovered a Wisconsin fumble late in the game. Wisconsin had frittered away two timeouts, so could only stop the clock once. Still, Oregon snapped the ball with 3 seconds left on the play clock on all but one play. The drive ended after a first down or two, and Oregon had to punt the ball back to Wisconsin with 23 seconds left.

Who cares, right? Instead of pinning Wisconsin deep with 10 seconds left and nothing but a Hail Mary chance, Wisconsin had 23 seconds left — still not a lot of time. However, Oregon went into super prevent, and Wisconsin completed two long passes. The ball was now around the Oregon 25 with 2 seconds left, clock stopped for the first down.

Well, luckily for Oregon, Wisconsin was even more brain dead after a day in the heat. They forgot that the clock winds as soon as the ball is placed after a first down, not when the ball is snapped. Quarterback Russell Wilson tried to spike the ball, hoping for more time to organize a throw to the end zone. Instead, time expired as he spiked the ball, game over.

The worst part is that Wilson couldn’t believe the call. He and others thought he’d been robbed. In fact, the referees made the right call. Oregon didn’t necessarily deserve the win, but Wisconsin proved the dumber team.

5 responses to “Rose Bowl finish: doh!

  1. Your stupid. Wilson never sad they were robbed. He said he wishes he could have the 2 seconds back. No, they shouldn’t have spiked it, they had plenty of time before the placement and start of the clock to call a play but the whole team knows that was the correct call by the Refs. so don’t put words into the Badgers mouths. Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I agree with you. Wilson looked pretty disbelieving on the field after the call. Here’s another quote from him: “With 2 seconds left, I thought we had another shot . . . unfortunately, that was taken from us.” Not quite “robbed,” but “taken from us” seems pretty close. The center also said he thought he snapped it with enough time left. In any case, they probably would have lost. You can read how little I care about bowl games in general in my other posts ( The main point of this post was to highlight a common clock management mistake (by Oregon) and a less common, but more painful one by Wisconsin.

  3. Bowl Games suck in general and are only interesting when a non-NC game has the potential to create controversy. The Rose is kind of cool.

    Let’s look at something a bit more interesting. After the touchdown was called back and the ball was placed on the one at the end of the OK State-Stanford Fiesta Bowl, OK State chose to run a single play to down the ball in the middle of the field and then kick the field goal for the win. I don’t think this was the correct decision. It would be surprising to me to find that the probability of OK State winning is lower with three power running plays followed by a field goal attempt than by directly going for the field goal, even though Sharp is a stud kicker. I may be wrong, but this strikes me as the flip side of the “blame the kicker” problem – Stoops would be under a lot more heat if he tried for the TD and OK State lost a fumble than if the Sharp missed.

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