Barkley uncut!

And I don’t mean on SNL. Charles Barkley joined Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan on TNT’s Hawks – Heat broadcast on Thursday. If you get a chance to watch Barkley court side,  don’t miss it. His honesty and intelligence are refreshing.

In fact, he was a little too honest this time around. During a commercial break, some online viewers were treated to Barkley pontificating while he thought he was off camera. He told the world that he’s scamming Weight Watchers, that the Hawks should give up everyone for Howard (I agree! This is the premise of my South Beach Talents model), that the Hawks are just a bunch of nice guys, that Bosh had good numbers in Toronto because he was the guy that sucked the least, etc. Here’s one clip to enjoy.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, how about Big Baby Davis? I thought it was those new vertical stripes making him look so slim, but he’s also lost quite a bit of weight. I was confused when Jeff Van Gundy said that Big Baby needs to play his way into shape (during the Bulls – Magic Friday broadcast). Davis was limping around a little but seems to be in the best shape of his life.  I’ll post some more thoughts on this game later today.

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