And Tebow shivered

The projected game time temperature for Saturday’s Broncos and Patriots game is 19 degrees and falling. This doesn’t bode well for Mr. Florida, Tim Tebow, who’s last three games (all above freezing) were the coldest of his life (Boston Globe). I’m sure regular commenter Gabriel believes that Tebow’s heart will keep him warm, but as Greg Cosell of NFL films mentions in the Boston Globe article, “He doesn’t have a whole lot of arm speed, so it will be interesting to see how he deals with it. The cold makes for a deader ball. You know Tom Brady won’t have a problem with it.” Indeed, Brady should be just fine.

3 responses to “And Tebow shivered

  1. Mr. Cosell’s contention that a lack of “arm speed” will make it more difficult for Tebow to deal with the cold strikes me as laughable, irrelevant and misguided. What . . . will Tebow become less accurate? Is that even possible for the least accurate quarterback in the NFL? Tebow leads the Broncos to victory despite his accuracy, not because of it. I think a more realistic concern is that the cold will cause Brady’s hair to be less buoyant than usual, leading Mr. GQ to lack his normal confidence. Or that his knee, shredded by Bernard “Bonecrusher” Pollard, might feel a little less than its best in the New England winter. Tom Brady is 0-2 (both games at home!) in the playoffs since that hit. Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco and Tim Tebow all have more playoff wins than Brady in that time period.

  2. Saturday can’t come fast enough, though I agree that Patriots fans are pretty spooked about the playoffs. They are fortunate to have drawn the Broncos this year, since I think that Pats are probably a little overrated anyway. A fun stat from my buddy Tony – they played 2 games against winning teams this year (Giants and Steelers) and lost them both. They only lost one other game, but they had a real chance to go 16-0 playing the AFC West (yes, your Broncos crappy division) and the NFC East this year.

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