NBA strategy: the Man Hugger and the Bull

When I watch the NBA, I generally think that the individual, in-the-moment creativity is amazing. However, I’m not always impressed with the level of premeditated innovation. Here are two ideas that I think have legs:

The Man Hugger

I think every team should stock a couple big men whose sole job is to prevent layups and dunks. The key is to give the guy a big man hug without giving up a flagrant foul. They have to be quite strong, so that he can keep Dwight Howard (for example) from still making the basket. Man Huggers could be subbed out after every foul they make, since they might not have much offensive skill. They should be smart as well, since it’s well worth hugging Howard when he’s about to dunk but not worth hugging Ray Allen on an open layup.

The Bull

The Man Hugger will have it’s doubters, but I think this one is airtight. The Bull, or “a Bull-style forward/center” has one awesome move on offense. He gets the ball as deep as possible and runs straight through a guy who is standing in the restricted semicircle. This is a blocking foul by rule, regardless of the positioning of the players. There is no need to attempt a shot, though he may do that to make it a shooting foul and/or get a three point play. The key is to focus on getting a solid bowl over without losing the ball on the way, so shooting could in fact be a distraction.

2 responses to “NBA strategy: the Man Hugger and the Bull

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