The Prince Heavy Side Function

Here’s one potential career “arc” for Prince Fielder:

I call it “the Prince Heavy Side Function,” after the famous Heaviside step function. The graph above certainly has a “heavy side,” though Oliver Heaviside himself was not heavy at all.

Oliver "Not So Heavy" Heaviside

Thanks Brother Evan for suggesting the graph above!

2 responses to “The Prince Heavy Side Function

  1. It’s worth noting, as a graphical rebuttal to the clowns who think that Prince is getting paid too much during the Weight Watchers years, that the “average” portion of the graph is what his salary is for the entire period (ideally).

  2. RIght, or hopefully he’s at All Star level or above for even longer than my graph suggests, meaning that, “on average,” his performance is well above “average.”

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