Ranking College Football Teams

As the college football season gets under way, my buddy Jeff and I put together a brand new college football ranking for ESPN the Magazine (insider required, in print 9/17/2012). We started with ESPN’s pro franchise ultimate standings as a template, and tried to make things as quantitative as we could to make the ranking defensible. We’ve inspired some feedback already. The SEC does well of course but didn’t land the number one team — check it out if you get the chance!

3 responses to “Ranking College Football Teams

  1. I’d have to guess you’ve given the No. 1 spot to either USC or Oregon, then!

  2. We looked at the BCS era, so in terms of on-field performance, USC was tops, but they actually suffered a bit in our other categories (stadium experience, revenue, coaching experience/performance, academics)

  3. (Also, as you probably realize given my last comment, Oregon’s success is too recent to get them to number 1.)

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