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Football is just a game

For those of you who might have forgotten, football is just a game. Both Sunday tilts had their goat (Billy Cundiff for the Ravens and Kyle Williams for the 49ers), but there’s no excuse for behavior like this from fans. Kyle and Billy, it’s not your fault.

Part 2: did Lee Evans make the catch?

One post was not enough to sort through the deepest, darkest corners of the NFL rule book on the Lee Evans catch/no catch at the end of the Ravens – Patriots game. I posted a general commentary on the games earlier, but for those of you that love these details, Adrian the Canadian breaks the play down from a few more angles:

So I was hoping to delve into some nasty, ugly, complicated issues with the NFL’s instant replay system today, but, before doing so, I think we have to spin out the Lee Evans non-catch and the NFL’s awkward touchdown catch rule. First, Mike Pereira’s brief take at Football ZebrasContinue reading