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Sunday night madness and just a little Tebow

I didn’t get to watch a lot of football yesterday, but I did watch the end of the Cowboys-Giants showdown, where the winner would take control of the division. Secretly, I don’t think either of these teams are very good, and selfishly, I was rooting for the Cowboys, which would help my Lions slightly in the wild card race.

The end of the game was really exciting, featuring big plays both directions (even though the Cowboys’ big plays were primarily due to horrible pass coverage by the Giants). Apart from the excitement, though, there were a few hidden plays Continue reading

Tebow flips

The odds of flipping a Tebow and getting 5 heads in a row is 0.5^5 = 3%. However, the odds of 5 heads in a row in any stretch of 20 Tebow flips is 25%. Tebow came up heads again today, but he gets a big assist from Marion Barber.