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Fiesta finish

Just like the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl had a finish I couldn’t resist commenting on (with some prodding from Adrian the Canadian). Stanford’s freshman kicker Jordan Williamson badly missed a field goal to win at the end of regulation, then missed again in OT to open the door for Oklahoma State. On their turn, the Cowboys got a quick strike to the Stanford half yard line (the refs initially called TD but it was overturned on review). Instead of going for the touchdown, Cowboys coach Mike Gundy elected to center the ball with a kneel and kick the field goal on second down.

Aptly named Quinn “Sharpshooter” Sharp booted the ball through for OK State, and the Cowboys went home happy. But should they have run the ball a couple more times first? Continue reading

That darn BCS

The BCS just won’t go away. Since the majority of this post will be about conflict of interest, let me give full disclosure. I hate the BCS. I think it’s a big marketing device designed to generate a bunch of empty discussion without giving fans an exciting post season.

This year we get a rematch of LSU and Alabama for the national championship. This makes me pretty angry, since my Michigan Wolverines could have been given another chance against Ohio State in 2006 after losing 42-39 in a one versus two match up. I think Michigan was penalized more because it was the last game of the season and it was a shootout. No one wanted to see them play twice in a row (except me of course).

And big surprise, there’s controversy surrounding the rematch. This year is worse than usual BCS arguments about who is better than who; part of the controversy is about Nick Saban rigging the standings Continue reading