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Fair market value for college athletes

A few months ago, my buddy Jeff and I did some research for ESPN the Magazine on paying college athletes. We ignored all the institutional issues and got right to the accounting: considering costs and revenues, how much profit is each player worth to his team?

We focused on the University of Florida and found that top college football players are worth millions of dollars, while basketball players are worth a couple hundred thousand. Check out the details on the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference blog or in my previous post.

Money in college sports

Recruiting scandals plague college football and men’s basketball. These sports generate huge fan interest and lots of revenue for schools (or so we’re told). As the story goes, schools stand to gain a lot from recruiting top players, so rule-breaking is inevitable.

There’s been a lot of interest in this topic lately. The firestorm began with a September National College Players Association report estimating that college football players are worth 6 figures to their schools on average. Likewise, the report argues that men’s basketball players are worth over $1 million each!  Continue reading